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Building An Edible Wall

Here's what the wall looked like before we hung our edible herb garden. Watch the video, and see the amazing result!

What should I do with my old TV?

If you decide to buy a digital TV and no longer want your old analog TV, look for opportunities to recycle it. Recycling TVs recovers valuable materials from the circuit boards, metal wiring, leaded glass, and plastics. Call your local household hazardous waste collection and recycling program to find out whether they will be sponsoring an upcoming event to recycle TVs and other electronics. To find a local recycling program, check out the following sites:
Earth 911: 
Earth 911 has a zip-code based search engine that enables you to look for recycling options in your community for various products. Earth 911 has taken environmental hotlines, web sites and other information sources nationwide, and consolidated them into one network.
My Green Electronics
 Provided by the Consumer Electronics Association, this site is a resource for consumers wishing to purchase green products and/or searching for local opportunities to recycle or donate used electronics.
Sony and Waste Management 
Sony, an EPA Plug-In To eCycling Partner, has teamed up with Waste Management, Inc. to offer their customers the opportunity to recycle their used Sony electronics for free. Other brands of TVs can also be recycled at selected Waste Management locations for a fee. To find a drop-off location, call 877-439-2795.
National Recycling Coalition
 With an easy to navigate hyperlinked map, this page provides links to state recycling resources. Many local communities have special collection/recycling days that are highlighted on their Web sites.
Source: EPA